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Edit GoPro Hero 7 4K HEVC in Premiere Pro CC

Can I import and edit GoPro Hero 7 HEVC .mp4 footage in Premiere Pro CC? Speaking of Premiere Pro CC, many Windows users are familiar with. Yes, Premiere Pro CC is a very famous non-linear video editing application developed by Adobe. But, Premiere Pro CC has limitations for its imported file formats and codecs. The following will take importing GoPro Hero 7  HEVC file to Premiere Pro CC for edition as the example. Read More


Work with Fujifilm X-T3 H.265 files in Lightworks

The X-T3 is the third in the line that seems to be driving much of Fujifilm’s camera improvements. Video has been pushed to a maximum of 4K at 60P. This comes from a ~1.2x crop region of the sensor and can be in either the UHD or DCI form or 4K. If you drop to 4K and 30P, the full sensor width is used. Fujifilm also supplies an F-Log capability for video, and records 10-bit 4:2:0 internally as opposed to 8-bit. Video is recorded in H.265. Read More