How to burn MXF files to Blu-ray disc


How to burn MXF files to Blu-ray disc

How to burn MXF video files onto Blu-ray disc for backup and playback? After reading this article you will know the best way to burn MXF files to Blu-ray disc on your computer, you will also get the best MXF to Blu-ray disc creator/burner.

MXF to Blu-ray Disc Issue:

“Hi guys, I am new to Canon camcorder, I am using Canon XF305 camcorder which records videos in .mxf video format, because I am new to camcorder so I am not familiar with MXF video format. Now my problem is how can I burn MXF files to Blu-ray disc with my computer? I already have the Blu-ray hard drive, what program should I choose to copy MXF to Blu-ray disc? Any suggestion is appreciated, thanks!”

As the problem showed above, many users have encountered the problem when they want to burn MXF files or other videos to Blu-ray disc, most users don’t know the way to burn video to disc, and the effective Blu-ray creator they should choose, now we will share the best way and top Blu-ray creator with you, which will help you to burn MXF files to Blu-ray disc with few clicks, and if you have other video formats like MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, MTS, M2TS, etc. you can also use the program to burn video to Blu-ray disc.

How to burn MXF files to Blu-ray disc?

MXF video format is a video recording format that adapted by many high-end camcorders, such as Canon XF series, Sony XDCAM series, Panasonic P2 HD series, etc. after recorded videos in MXF video format, you may want to burn MXF files to Blu-ray disc for backup or playback, in this case, you will need two tools, one if Blu-ray hard drive, you may already got this, another tool is a Blu-ray creator, which you need to use to burn MXF files to Blu-ray disc. Tip: If you need to convert MXF to MOV, AVI or other formats, you can follow the link to read related article.

Free download best Blu-ray creator

Our Blu-ray creator is the best Blu-ray creator program on the market, which supports all video formats, including MXF, MTS, M2TS, MOV, MKV, MP4, MPG, MPEG, VOB, WMV, etc. this program can burn all your videos to Blu-ray disc, besides it will turn your video to Blu-ray folder/ISO file. Now please download this MXF to Blu-ray disc creator and follow the steps below to burn videos to disc.

1. Download MXF to Blu-ray disc creator software from our website, with this program you can easily burn MXF files to Blu-ray disc. Besides MXF format, it also supports other HD video files.

mxf to Blu-ray creator

2. Install this best Blu-ray creator on your computer, launch it as the best MXF to Blu-ray disc burner. Import the MXF video files into this program, you can load batch files at one time.

3. Edit the videos before burn them to disc, you are offered with options of audio tracks and subtitles. You can add your favorite audio file as the background music, or insert subtitle by adding file in SRT, SSA and ASS format. Meanwhile, it offered menus of different themes, along with editable buttons, texts etc.

4. Choose target format or destination. If you want to burn MXF files to Blu-ray disc, please select Blu-ray disc as the target, you can also choose the target folder for burning videos to ISO image or folder.

5. The final step is to click create button to begin the MXF to Blu-ray disc burning process.

When the program finished burning MXF files to Blu-ray disc, you can use the Blu-ray disc as you want, your MXF footages are copied to the Blu-ray disc, and now you can back up the videos with disc or play videos with Blu-ray disc.

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