How to play Blu-ray ISO on Windows 8/8.1?


How to play Blu-ray ISO on Windows 8/8.1?

In this article you will learn the best way to transfer and play Blu-ray ISO on Windows 8/8.1, and you will get the best Blu-ray ISO player/Blu-ray ripper for Windows 8/8.1.

“I have copied some Blu-ray ISO files from my friends, and now they are on my computer’s HDD, my computer runs windows 8 operating system, now I want to know which software can play Blu-ray ISO on windows 8 or windows 8.1, it will be better if you can recommend a top Blu-ray ripper that works with windows 8 for me.”

Nowadays more and more users choose to backup Blu-ray to ISO files, and play Blu-ray movies without navigating physical discs. The Blu-ray movies offer us better visual enjoyment so that we can experience the outstanding picture/sound quality on a laptop or in the living room on a Windows 8/8.1 computer. If you have used Blu-ray, you may have heard about Blu-ray ISO file. ISO image is a type of disk image, this format is composed of the data contents of every written sector of an optical disc, and Blu-ray ISO including the optical disc file system, which is composed into .iso file extension with lossless quality, so there are many users choose to use Blu-ray ISO format. But, there are a lot of users don’t know how to play Blu-ray ISO on windows 8.1/8, the article below is written to help you out of the BD ISO playback dilemma step-by-step.

What you need to play Blu-ray ISO on Windows 8/8.1?

There are few guides about the details of playing Blu-ray ISO image file on Windows 8/8.1 for beginners. Here we will share the easy tool with you, which can help you to play Blu-ray on windows 8/8.1 in just few clicks.

Software you need: Acrok Video Converter Ultimate


This is the best Blu-ray disc/ISO/Folder player on the market, it can help you to play these Blu-ray movies directly. What’s more, it is also the top Blu-ray/DVD ripper and HD video converter, which can convert latest Blu-ray/DVD to any formats you need.

How to play Blu-ray ISO on Windows 8/8.1?

Step 1: Install Blu-ray ISO Player.

Install this best Blu-ray ISO player on your PC or Mac, launch it you will see its main interface. This software can help you to play Blu-ray/DVD disc, ISO file and folder file on Windows 8/8.1, besides it can rip Blu-ray/DVD to common videos like AVI, MKV, MP4, etc. this program also has the Mac version, so you can free download the Mac version to use.

Blu-ray ISO to Windows 8/8.1

Step 2: Add Blu-ray ISO image.

After the installation finishes, open and run the program, click “Load Disc” button to import Blu-ray ISO file into this software.

Step 3. Play Blu-ray ISO on Windows 8/8.1.

Now you can click play button in the preview window to play Blu-ray ISO files on Windows 8/8.1 computer, and you can also click the full screen button to watch Blu-ray movies with full screen, is it exciting? So it can also works as Windows tablet Blu-ray player.

Tip: you can also play Blu-ray disc on Windows 8/8.1, or play DVD disc, DVD ISO/IFO files, as well as HD videos.

Another way to play Blu-ray movies on windows 8/8.1

You can also choose to backup Blu-ray to MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, etc. formats on your windows 8/8.1 computer, and then you can play Blu-ray with windows media player or other players, you can also copy the movie to other portable devices like iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, Windows tablets, etc. or backup Blu-ray to NAS.

Blu-ray ISO converter

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate is the best tool on the market to rip latest Blu-ray movies, there are many optimized formats for output, you can choose anyone as you want.

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