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Top 3 best H.265 HEVC converter, decoder and encoder software

H.265 HEVC is becoming more and more popular, there are many videos, movies and media use H.265 HEVC technology, this is the latest new video codec which can offer higher video quality and smaller file size. But, H.265 HEVC is still not supported by many editing programs, media players and devices, so sometime you may need to convert H.265 HEVC videos to other codecs and formats, such as convert H.265 HEVC to H.264 MP4, convert H.265 HEVC to MKV, etc. besides convert H.265 HEVC videos to other formats, you may also want to convert videos to H.265 HEVC to get higher quality but smaller size, such as concert Blu-ray to H.265 HEVC MP4, convert videos to H.265 HEVC MKV, etc. if you have the need to deal with H.265 HEVC, you can follow this article to get the best H.265 HEVC converter, H.265 HEVC decoder and H.265 HEVC encoder software. Read More


H.265 Converter for Mac and Windows

In this article, we will share the best H.265 HEVC converter with you, you will get H.265 converter for Mac or H.265 converter for Windows 10/8.1/7, and then you can convert Blu-ray, DVD, MKV, AVI, H.264 MP4, MOV, WMV, MPG, MTS, MXF to H.265 HEVC MP4 for MKV format. You can also use the H.265 Converter to convert H.265 files to H.264 codec or any other formats. Read More