Windows tablet Blu-ray player-play Blu-ray on Windows 8/8.1 tablet


Windows tablet Blu-ray player-play Blu-ray on Windows 8/8.1 tablet

Do you want to know the easiest way to play Blu-ray on Windows tablet? In this article, you will learn the easiest way to play Blu-ray (include 3D) and DVD on Windows 8.1 tablets and Windows 8 tablet, this method also works for your Android tablets and Apple iPad.

“I have just bought Microsoft surface pro 3 tablet, I love this tablet because it is so convenient for me to use, I can use it to do word editing, send and receive mails, surface the web and play movies. But recently I encountered a problem, that I want to transfer Blu-ray disc movie to Windows 8.1 tablet – surface pro 3, I don’t know what’s the best way, because the surface pro 3 Windows tablet doesn’t have Blu-ray drive, and I don’t know what program can convert the Blu-ray movies, so I need your help, any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks!”

How to play Blu-ray on Windows 8.1 tablet or Windows 8 tablet?

On the market, there are more and more tablets equipped with Windows 8/8.1 operating system, such as surface pro 3, surface pro 2, Dell venue 8 pro, Acer W4, Lenovo ThinkPad 8/10, etc. more and more users choose to buy another tablet with Windows OS, because we can install and run desktop programs on Windows 8.1/8 tablets freely. But there is one difficult question is not so easy to solve, that’s the way to play Blu-ray on Windows 8/8.1 tablet, as we know nearly all the Windows tablets don’t have Blu-ray drive, so you can’t insert the Blu-ray for playing directly. So what’s the way to play Blu-ray on Windows 8.1 tablet or Windows 8 tablet?

Method 1: Play Blu-ray via external Blu-ray drive

Many people may want to find a Windows tablet Blu-ray player, with this program and external Blu-ray drive you bought, you can play Blu-ray on Windows tablet via external Blu-ray drive, but most people think it is complicated and not easy to do, so they won’t choose this method, so this method is not recommended.

Method 2: Rip Blu-ray to Windows tablet best format

The best method is to use a Blu-ray ripping program to rip Blu-ray to Windows tablets best supported video format, and then you can play Blu-ray on Windows 8/8.1 tablet at anytime, anywhere. Here you will need a Blu-ray ripperAcrok Video Converter Ultimate, this software can works as Windows tablet Blu-ray player, because it can be installed on your computer or Windows 8.1/8 tablet to play Blu-ray/DVD ISO/Folder videos, HD video playback is also supported, it is an all-in-one player; the most important is this software is the best Blu-ray ripper on the market, it can rip Blu-ray/DVD disc/ISO/Folder movie on PC or Mac to common videos, or convert Blu-ray to FCP X software for editing, and then you can transfer ripped videos to Windows tablets for watching with compatible format.


How to convert Blu-ray to Windows 8/8.1 tablet best format?

Below are easy steps that you can follow to use this Windows tablet Blu-ray player/Blu-ray Ripper, just follow them.

1. Free download Blu-ray ripper for Windows tablet, install this program on your PC or Mac, please make sure you have connected a Blu-ray drive to the computer that you want to run the software.

Windows tablet Blu-ray player

2. Launch the program, you will see its brief main interface. Please click load disc button to import your Blu-ray, DVD or HD videos, disc/ISO/Folder are all supported.

3. Choose output format. We recommend you to choose MP4 format for playing on Windows tablet, because it is compatible format for portable devices.

Blu-ray to Windows tablet

4. Click settings button to adjust the output parameters, this step is optional.

Windows tablet Blu-ray player settings

5. Click convert button to start the conversion.

This Windows tablet Blu-ray ripper has equipped with NVIDIA CUDA and AMD APP acceleration technology, so it can rip Blu-ray/DVD at fast speed, much time is saved for you. When the Blu-ray to Windows tablet conversion is finished, you can transfer converted Blu-ray videos to Windows tablet and play Blu-ray on Windows 8/8.1 tablet freely.


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